Island of Thousand Mirrors

First read of the year and I ended up thanking the invisible Gods (if there is one) for being born and able to reside in a peaceful (?) country. I can never fathom the pain, trauma, helplessness each person would have felt when the war-ravaged and took away the very life, they were living! The dead at least would be painless but people who are alive, helpless and fearing for their life, not being able to sleep or eat, not knowing if they will be alive to see the dawn, not being able to keep their loved ones together with them, is something unimaginable.

Nayomi Munaweera was able to show how the war changes the course of life of people. Overnight, you have been torn apart, from your insides, from your soul, from your homes, from lives which would have coursed if war did not have happened. She showed the tremendous strength some people show on uprooting themselves and start all over again, in a different country and also those less fortunate, families, who had no choice but to succumb to the unknown was heart-wrenching.

Her description of Sri Lanka is mesmerizing. The glistening water, the pungent smells, the bright colors, and of course the people, on either side of the war. I enjoyed the lengthy descriptions about the Rajasinghe family but would have loved to know more about the “North” side, their great-grandmothers, and their life before the war. That would have made this novel more wholesome!!

Her tale showed that there is no right or wrong in war, only the dead and those who live with its horrors. It somehow made me realize, humans, are animals, just held in captivity of some rules and rights of society. When breached, in the name of religion or region they are quickly able to discriminate against another human.

Definitely a must read!


I have always tried to envision, how our future would be.

Its anything but crazy.It is going to be mostly silent, occasionally loud owing to the mundane things of living!

Early morning tea for you and a hot cuppa coffee for me, the daily paper and may be a walk around the garden.The garden where you grow your fishes and I grow my greens.

I know what you like to eat and may be I would make things that I love to eat, the only thing that will not be served would be advises and judgements!

I watch the dreamy, romantic movies and tugging behind you watching horror or mostly asleep!.Though, I secretly wish you too will see what I see.

I know I can always find my natural habitat in your heart and I hope it flows into making me comfortably quiet in the same room, doing things that mean only for myself.

And here comes the turmoil of our lives, I can see us both reacting and responding in our own ways.One says enough and other cries to sleep.

I see us being lame, staring at starry nights contemplating the vulnerability of our existence.

We live our life being proud of ourselves, experiencing happiness from within ourselves without the need for the other.We listen to ends without judgements and talk our hearts out without fear or shame.We beautifully coexist doing our things, speaking our language and being comfortable in ourselves.

And that is when, I feel this euphorbia, experience this sliver of life that tugs us together, making me want to grow old together with you!

Yes, its never crazy but calm and quiet ounces of love!

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Monday Blues!

Just be the moment, feeling all that you feel with deep wisdom of feeling just needs to be felt, never warrants a reaction.

I believe deeply that each one of us, understand the truth these words brings us, the truth that resonates in our lives, the wisdom they bring in the moments of clarity but is sadly ignored.

We have been reiterated the importance of let it go, for more than enough but allowing it stay is also equally valid.Why deny us the happiness of somethings that might not be in confirmation of the rules we follow.

Have a great week ahead!

Six Word Story: Dreams


           “Mundane unimportant days, I dream you!!”


Shweta’s Prompt for Week #37 (May 9, 2020 – May 15, 2020) is Dreams


Monday Blues


Maybe we won’t remember wishing for the place,

Maybe the place does not resonate with us anymore

Maybe the place becomes suffocating

No matter what,we always get to that place, where we wanted to be

And we always do have the choice whether we want to linger there a little time or be content or even to move on…to newer places