The Life!

Once upon a time there lived a little girl,happily talking to herself,playing with colors,doing things that made her happy.As time flew by,she went to school that supposedly help her pave a way in this world.In order to stay at the top of the race amongst her friends,she was molded into someone else.The essence of “her” started mixing up with what she must become as sought by the world lead to new definitions ,dreams and desires in her life about what she would become in “future”,those places she will travel “alone”,how life would sprout beyond the daily scenes.

And then came the rebel days.Then the remorse days.Then the whining and cribbing days.Then the depressional days.Every single event made a deep impression upon her life,molding and modifying her thoughts about her life, society and family.The thoughts and dreams she had about life remained that way.She became so hard to even think about a possibility of life beyond her routines.The world around her changed,miles ahead but she is stuck,some place reminding herself of what she could have been,what she could have done to change the world.She has grown into a beautiful lady,fulfilling desires of her family,working as society expected,but inside,she is hurt,fearful,bolted up with emotions.She knows this way of life is not what she wanted,but still she is powerless!!

No,I never thought I will be doing what I am doing right now.Not even in my wildest dreams,coz I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life.I am just a follower,following those who walked before me,following some age-old instructions,following into some unknown outcomes of life.Never once did I knew or realize that I can move a muscle to make a change and figure out what I want in my life,with my life.Only today did I realize the true meaning of this quote ““Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” Anonymous .And that is because of I feel a twitch in my heart or a knot in my stomach which constantly reminds me that something is not right,that I am living a life handcrafted for someone else!!

In response to the prompt from #FridayReflections  – “Did you think you’d be doing what you’re currently doing in life? Write a personal essay.” 

Write Tribe

The Tree

The roots, strong and grounded

The branches, spreads a warm welcome

The million leaves, green and brittle

The trunk,mighty in the face of storm

The twigs,but bow humbly to the breeze

The huge home, to a few hundreds

Forcing but none to stay

Takes the trash and gives us life

Harming none on the on the way

And yet we, the “humans” destroy

“The Tree”



In response with the Daily Prompt : “Tree

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Note : Edited🙂





October Days!!

Where did all the time go ?? Seriously,it’s October,that’s like the last leg of 2016 race!!And what a month was September? The month of busy bees “Onam“.

  • So a lot of shopping,prepping,eating and holidaying🙂.Took almost 10 days of off and still could not fulfill onam like never before
  • And my grandfather turned 85!!.That was the most happening thing.Everyone in the family,the neighborhood came together and had a blast on his birthday.That was awesome🙂.I still can picture my ear-to-ear grinning toothless Achachan,when we cut his first birthday cake🙂

Ah and now October is here…lets see how it unfolds!!




Even the loud waves crashing on the shore could not yet beat the deafening silence she left behind.

Note: Somehow for me, the above sentence feels complete!


In response to the Daily Prompts : Silence

Monday Blues – Struggle


You go, girl!!  “Believe that there is that something inside you that helps you out of any trouble, someone who miraculously brings to you solutions to your problems and help you find your way.All you now need is to take a deep breath and continue doing things with the new found confidence that somehow things will all come together and will result in something so beautiful or something about which you might not have thought about”

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