A promise to never to be anxious about my future and sad about my past.

A promise to realize that I too can win hearts and accolades

A promise to never to subdue my needs and wishes

A promise to never heed an ear to others who say,I can’t

A promise to finally listen to my spirit,that leads my way

A promise to my child to help her find her way and not walk on it

A promise to my loved one to never be a wall on their way to their dreams

A promise to myself to not ignore my strength,you see I am no longer that elephant tied with mere rope to the tree🙂


Note : This prompt had really made me sit and think about the fake promises I keep telling myself and never fulfilling them.I always  end up dejected and never really have the strength to keep going.Today is a new day and I promise to keep it that way!


Day 7 of barathon

Wishful Thinking

Hopefully,I will be able to post something or the other before the time’s up for today’s  yesterday’s prompts🙂

Note : A daughter’s urges are more important than my urge to write it out🙂

Day 6 of barathon



Book Review : The Story of A Suicide

The Story of a Suicide indeed illustrates the circumstances of how an individual decides why he no longer wants to live in this beautiful world.I am totally against suicide,yes even in cases where a person has no longer a life,we proclaim fit to proceed.I believe we are one of a kind and the mere fact that we are alive and thinking,must help us overcome the thoughts of being dead.I feel that half the courage one has in oneself  to be able to choose death willingly is more than enough for him to face the world and live a life ahead.

And the real reason,I believe that one becomes forced to choose death over life is the weight of the burden of expectations that hangs as dagger above us.Only if we are able to break free the expectations set upon us,will we be able to rise and make a mark.If we are born poor,our society deems us unfit to be a part of it and taunt us.Even if get the right education,if our social status is different that their “superior” ones we get insulted.It’s a truth that this sort of expectation kills,especially in our social set up.The ranks,marks,relationships, everything matters to parents.Their entire future is closely aligned to their children’s.So if the child deviates a little bit from their path of dreams aka expectations and if there is an emotional background to it,it’s better to be dead that be alive and being taunted for their rest of lives.

Being said that this web-novel narrates the story of four people Hari,Charu,Sam and Mani and how fate had intervened in their actions that each one becomes a responsibility to the death of the protagonist,Hari.It was a final destination of how the entire chapters were set up for the final showdown.The characters are well thought of and important taboo topics of child sex abuse, homosexuality, love, betrayal, expectations, cyber crime, sex, passion are well described,connected and illustrated.Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.58.16 AM.png

The crux of the story,I felt was the failure of expectations.Sam believes Charu is in love with him and when he finds out it never was the way he had expected,he sets out for revenge.He sets up Charu and stalks her,that she decides to catch hold of him while in the act. A twist in the tale makes the trap set up for Charu ends with the life of Hari.Hari is forced to take the decision of death,due to the burden of expectations his parents,his social status and the expectations he had in his partner.He expects to find solace in his partner,Mani but Mani’s actions had his relive his most traumatized part of a life of his robbed childhood.And Mani,he expects Hari to understand his acts as his love,but Hari could not tolerate the same.

We need to be aware that times are changing so fast that our outlook towards life also needs to be changed.The social status or facebook status is no longer important but the life status, on finding what you are meant to give this world and how you can do it must be one’s aim.Parents should help and guide children to find their passion and support them for what they need to win their life.No matter what  circumstances are parents must spend time with their children,make them feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and struggles.

Child sex abuse is very prevalent in any society and we all need to stand up against it.Status shows that mostly it is our family members whom we think we can trust, takes the chance to exploit the innocent kids.We must never turn away from what a child has to say and we must always support and help our child,cause these scars run deep and in turn changes their personality.By staying with them,helping them heal we can also forgive oneself.There are more ways of healing than ever before and I urge everyone to make use of it,rather than staying within themselves and being afraid of taboos.The website itself tells us more ways on how can one find a way out,it just a matter of reaching out.

Maybe I am too old for today’s youngster’s modus of Operandi in achieving instant likes,twitter shaming ,being bold by stating tales of vagina and penises.This novel also told me how I must help my child to channelize his talent to the welfare of another person.I as a parent must know that I can help my child build his world without comparisons,without hate but with compassion and love.It made me realize how the entire thing is relevant only in my head and not anywhere else!!

One of my quickest,deepest read of this year,this web-novel shows that we can easily mess up with a life.It is very easy to go into depression and thoughts of being insignificant emergences.It is a brutal truth of society we live in today.The tale ends with a death,not the sugar coated , the happy ending which we normally crave.The highlight of the web-novel is the illustrations.They were commendable and very apt to the chapters.It felt like Namboodiri’s drawings.🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.58.54 AM

Note : The entire team of The Story of Suicide,deserves a round of applause as I have never seen such a kind of amalgamation of gems in setting up of a story.Usually, when I read a book,I glance through the Thank you page and the names go into oblivion,but not in this case.Kudos to each one of you.


First Gift :)

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.43.48 pmA pair of “Tiny Shoes” were our first gift for our lil “N”.We were forbidden by our families to buy anything before our baby was born,but I could not resist myself from not buying this pair of cuties for my child.And I know, I will forever cherish the moments I spend staring at the booties and how I would gently make her wear them🙂.

Well,my girl completely and utterly refused to wear them for what so ever reason,only know to her! That made me realize,she would never need my fashion advice😛


Day 5 of barathon


A Forensic Doctor

Caught Redhanded” read the headlines.It reported the capture of a sexual predator while in a horrendous act of molestation.He also  pleaded guilty to several such acts in and around the area.

My thoughts wandered to the day,I had to forcibly open a pair of red hands,smeared in blood,pleading for a release.

I am a forensic doctor.

Day 4 of barathon


A beautiful memory was sealed with a twinkle in your eyes and a “Yes“,of that day,when I took your hand and declared my love.

A beautiful memory was sealed with a tear in your eyes of that day when we had our baby.

A beautiful memory was sealed with pride in your eyes of that day when we built our home.

We built so many moments and memories to share for a lifetime.

But,today,after so many years of togetherness,it breaks my heart to look into your empty eyes eroded off the moments we spent together.

Yet,I realize that maybe tomorrow there is a hope of blooms filling with the fragrance of our time together.

Memories are so frail,their essence is lost if we have none to share in our fragile lives


Day 3 of barathon