Happy Birthday..To ME :)

Well,as I am about to celebrate my 29th birthday..I have come up with a 29 over 30 birthday list…A list of 30 items that I would want to accomplish this year.I want to in fact relinquish my entire twenties in this one year!!

And here comes the list

Update: This list is still incomplete.And yes,I have a very good reason to it as well.There will always be some thing happening in your life to throw off your normal routine plans,make you perceive that nothing is more important than that one thing in your life!!

Well,hope to clear up everything with my next list 😀 “30 / 31 To-Do WishList”

1 Read a book every month and write a review on it.
2 Create a blog space – A Surreal Odyssey ,Unlearn To Relearn
3 Bake an original 2 tier cake with icing
4 Make a pizza at home
5 Learn stitching
6 Learn to drive car confidently
7 Style my hair
8 Reduce my tummy inches and weight by 10kgs
9 Create one painting using fabric paints
10 Go on a trip with my R and N only
11 No to TV
12 Watch 12 classic must watch movies – 2001,A Space Odyssey
13 Make an outdoor garden
14 Make pickle all by myself
15 Make something original for R
16 Listen only to classical music – As far as possible 😉
17 Make a terrarium
18 Clear off my credit card loan
19 Make bread at home
20 Check FB only to upload pics
21 Learn something different every month from Coursera
22 Check Quora – only once every day
23 Story board for my novel – NaNoWriMo -> moving it my own NaDeWriMo 😀
24 Try an alcoholic beverage for taste – can be wine or vodka 😀
25 Make cookies at home
26 Start and make an up to date – diary for N
27 Make an android app and publish it in google play 🙂
28 30 Day Book Challenge!
29 Make some white bread at home
30 Make some cinnamon rolls

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