The Tastiest Wine

I always wanted to taste an alcoholic beverage.

This has been a long pending wish in my bucket list :).Now,any one would think,Is this even worth putting in bucket list ?

As I am coming from a traditional Indian family and also being a “lady”,even the mentioning of any beverage was forbidden within our home.We never had colas or sodas at home and had to literally beg to my Dad to buy a Coke or Pepsi mostly when we travelled some place far.So tasting any alcoholic beverage was totally out of the question!

Why did I wanted to taste ?.I dunno,it sounded cool to be drunk 😀 or may I just wanted to know the taste of it.You get only one life and you should be able to at least know certain things.Once I moved out of home for studying and later when I had my job in Chennai, I surely tasted sodas or colas,but never really had the guts to grab a drink…:).For tasting the alcoholic beverage,I had to wait a few more years untill my marriage with ‘R’.

When,I mentioned about my dream to gulp down a Tequilla shot with lemon,just like they show in movies,’R’ was bursting into laughter making me look like an idiot.I was embarrassed and my head was literally shouting at me for closing down the only opportunity to taste something alcoholic. I am pretty sure,my head warned me that I should have waited for some more time,coaxed ‘R’ into such a point that he would just get it for me.I dunno,I guess he never paid much attention as to how much this was a dream for me 😦 as there was no talk of fulfilling or dropping of this lifetime dream.

After a year and so we myself and R were on a holiday at Bnglr.And one night impromptu,he bought me a Bottle of White Wine, which was “12% alcoholic “.I didn’t know what to feel..heck,I should have been happy for one my long dream is getting fulfilled and most importantly,my dearest ‘R’ did take a notice of what I wanted and he even got it for me.We had a pizza night with wine.

He set everything while I was very busy making my baby sleep…I was telling my lil one,”come on now,sleep quickly,just close your eyes and sleep”!!!. Luckily for me,she did sleep very quickly without making a fuss.She must have known,something very important is about to happen :).Our pizza was ready,our movie was ready,Our dining area was set,the glasses were ready and most importantly,I was enthusiastically waiting for the moment to see,the wine being poured out into the sparkling glass and then into my mouth.

‘R’,was laughing at me :P…I didn’t mind a bit :D,He opened the bottle and poured out the wine into my glass,and even before he could even tell me to just smell it,sip it,drink it using eyes or nose before actually tasting the wine,I gulped down every drop of it down to my throat.Years and years of waiting and finally that night, I had my first glass of White wine with 12 % alcoholic content in it :D….

The taste,you might ask..yeah I am coming to that…It tasted like…”stingy and bleh…”  nothing like the way I  had imagined.Nonetheless,I was overwhelmed with sadness,happiness,stinginess…and with pizza from Pizza Hut 🙂

It was a memorable night of my life..err must I say,I didnt remember anything after I gulped down 2 glasses of the “White wine with 12 % alcoholic content“….!!!


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