Catch me if you can…

My life as I have known,have come to a standstill.

I am unable to think clearly and even breathe properly.

I am in a untraceable mess,not knowing how my next minute is going to be.

All I know is I need to be strong for my family…for my daughter and my husband.. And I will be strong as rock,and help secure our life.

I have no idea,I have no means as to how am I going to do that,but I am damn sure,that no matter what,I’m going to make my life happen.

That day,I shall revive my blog to its glourious ways.

I shall share my story,once I come in terms with the sudden,unexpected guest in my home.Coming in uninvited and being so stubborn to go away,I am in all vigour to take him out and trash him away!!

Let me do my job!

Until then,bbye!


Something have happened in my life which has made me realise what I had in in my life was the most beautiful thing in this world.I am striving hard to overpower the “guest” from our home and help rebuild my life once again.

Hoping to keep going with the blog as well.

Thanks for being there!!


Love to hear your thoughts

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