A Beautiful Wait

You are more beautiful than you think you are…

Just visit Aswathy Beauty Parlour” says the adv tag-line of the place where I am right now.

What am I here for ?? It’s the monthly beautification procedure consisting of a fruit facial,a manicure, a pedi cure, a hair spa, waxing  and finally eyebrow shaping, after which you look more beautiful….or so they say…

Of all these procedures the most I dread is the…eyebrow shaping literally meaning,here I am going pluck your hair all by a thread :(….It cause you most painful pain and it leaves me with a bad headache always.

Now why do I do this ? Well I did this for the first to get away from the literal shame associated with the nickname I had in my school days aka Croor Sigh …and as below


Can you guys imagine me after seeing Croor Sigh pic above!!?? Well, now threading has become a process or habit,I should say!!

As I wait here,my memories about the first time I did threading,as I say,”cleaning up of brow forest” is filling up my mind!.

As always it was my mama,who forced me to take the pain.Though I resisted for the initial few times whenever she asked me,but the nickname-ing part made me take a plunge to the “dreading threading world“.The luck to thread my brows for the first time was given to the so-called beautician aunty,next door.After hearing all those horror stories from my friends,I too was scared to undergo the process.

The beautician aunty made me lie down on a rotating chair with cushioned seats,which was real good.Soon after,she slowly rode her fingers on my brows,making an assessment and said in her sweetest voice,”It’s quite huge and thick,well it might pain a bit“.

All the blood drained from my face.I wanted was to just run away from there which never was a choice as my mama accompanied me.I think she might have figured this out well in advance.I had to sit there to endure the pain.She started off with my right one by applying a little talc on it.Then she asked me to close my eyes and keep stretching the skin of eye lids which supposedly would lessen the pain.Oh and hearing her suggestion,I started stretching them with all my might,which is when she asked me to stop and called her assistant.

Meanwhile,I was observing her as well.After all,I was curious to know how she did the Threading. Well,she literally used a thread to pluck the eyebrows.She had a piece of thread manoeuvring between her hands and teeth to start the”plucking” procedure. And yes,I was in crucifying pain.I slid my feet into the chair’s footboard,firmly held the armrests of the chair as if to peel it off and occasionally started slipping downwards from the chair.

She started from one end to other,clearing of those excess brow hairs.Many a times,I literally pushed her aside because of the pain and my mama had to apologise to her.At the beginning she was jovial,but as time went by,she too was tired and irritated.You can imagine,the amount of hair she had plucked by then from the Croor aka me ;). She then used scissors to trim of the rest of hair.I was so happy when she left my right brow just for a minute to go to my left one.

My right brow was numb in pain and my left one was going through the same.The procedure lasted for about 15 mins or more.And when she finished the same,boy,I was so relieved.She handed me a mirror so that I can take a good look :).My face was red in pain and also with blood from the bruises.But most importantly…my brow forest was cleared.I had the most amazingly shaped eyebrows.While I was enjoying my newly styled brows,I forgot the pain,struggle and bruises but then suddenly out of no where the lady pulled me on to the chair and massaged some liquid astringent to the already hurt eyebrows.

And that was it.If it was not for my mama,I would have killed her right at that moment!!The burning sensation on the wounds,the pain,the bleeding eyelids..was it all worth ?I kept on thinking,for beautiful eyebrows.May be,Yes!!! .When we left after paying her,she did not forget to tell me to come in one month to attend the encounter the same procedure.She even did not forget to mention that the brows would grow even thicker and it would be even more painful to pluck them out!!!

Oh my God!! The thought of whole process went flashing in front of my eyes,when she said those words!! My mama could not control her laughter,seeing my pathetic condition 😐

Though,I never liked my overgrown eyebrows,it did feel totally different without them on my face.I kinda of missed the lush growth :P.Well,those had been a part of my life for more than a decade and it was sure,I was already missing them.To my surprise,even my Dad did notice the change and asked me “Hell,Did you shave them off ??”

How weird,when I think about it ?! Without the brows,I might even lose a bit of me, until recently I stumbled upon this lady,who was very much in love with her brows : Frida Kahlo  and her works 🙂 depicts her with them.


Nowadays,the beautification visit is usually once in 2 months or whenever I get time…even though it pains like hell,I must agree,a simple threading does do wonders to my face,making me more visible 😀

There,the same beautician aunty has called me into her humble home for yet another round of “Threading” :D.


Love to hear your thoughts

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