Monday Blues


It’s quite easy to say “Keep Going“,but the same becomes extremely difficult when the going gets tough.We always want to quit at a point when we feel sad,tired,overwhelmed by sheer amount of energy put into the task.But if we can stop for a moment,pull back ourselves and wait a bit,we can realise that this is a way our determination is being tested(by whom ? ) and If we really..really need that prize which we had set our eyes on at the beginning of this journey.We can also clearly see that the prize is very close by.

Always remind yourself that we can stop right now!!,we can quit!! and we may even have second chances but we still have to start the journey again…make all the way through to reach this point of quitting,just put a step or two to the prize.

We have come far till now… just don’t quit…yet!! 🙂


Love to hear your thoughts

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