Monday Blues!


The quote says it all.

I have been trying to “fix” me up for so long,that every time I make some changes,I fail at some other place or instance in life.I am so unsuccessful in keeping up good habits :(..I started off the Groove Into Routine series with an aim to publicly commit on goal I work upon and to keep track of them.But I should admit,that I am not very good follower of what I commit to do.I can give a lot of excuses,well churn up stories so ridiculous which can convince me and anyone who listens to me :P.

As the quote goes,instead of whole a lot of planning for to do in month or week or day,I think I should just commit to make just this single moment in favour of me.This moment,I take a wise decision,stick to it and complete it.

Choose wisely in this only moment you own!!

I seriously need to step away for a moment to think on this,until then enjoy the quote!

Note: I am discontinuing GIR series for a while,until I meditate upon my habit 😛


Love to hear your thoughts

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