The Pain

Deep, dark and intriguing
Was I charmed by her inflicting??

When you left for another  
She was the only one closer

I allowed her deep inside me
Steadily she spread like a tree

In many of those late nights
When me and my sleep fights

I realize her growing strength 
Inflicting me at length

I try to ignore 
But she only bore more

Spreading her vast wings
She engulfed me with stings

A blessing,she was, in disguise
But now a demon for my demise

I decide,I had enough
I had to be the rough and tough

Into a salty sea I jump
To get her drenched and slump

And there,momentarily she was gone
But only to return upon

I spit out venom’s of words
To hurt the ones who heard

And there,she momentarily was gone
But it just was for a dawn

Another day,another night
Passes just like that

I am now within her clutch
And, I know I can’t do much

I used her for my gain
But alas I am lying all in vain

She is nothing 
but the “Pain”,I am in

PS: This was written for a competition.


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