From you to you

It was that time yet again.A new place,a new home,new routines…Yes,we were changing to a new house yet again but this change was quite unexpected.This was supposed to be our home,the sweet home where we planned to finally settle down.

The packers and movers had arrived promptly and were hurriedly dumping away everything into huge carton boxes.My husband was giving away instruction on handling that expensive Television and Home Theatre,while I was looking amusingly at his expressions.And it was then,the old and torn Action shoe box appeared right in front of me out of the blue.Along with it came a flood of memories.

This box torn at edges,crumbled,peeling papers from sides was once the most precious thing I had in my life.It had secrets, dreams,tears,laughs, all about me.The secret box had preserved every thing which was dear to me at point of my life and I totally forgot about it.But reading the letter,written by me at an age of 14 years to my older self , of which I had no memory until then gave me a shock at first.

How much have I changed ? Where have all those sweet dreams gone ? What about the dream of me becoming that published writer ?.I forgotten my dreams just like that,I too crumbled to the societal pressures..and built a life just like everyone else.I too was wearing a mask which I had no knowledge of.

Sigh!! The letter felt like a lie….But was the letter a lie or my life at this juncture a lie ?

Amidst all the shoutings and those packing-moving chaos…I felt an odd sense of tranquility or peace.My mid life crisis,pondering over what to do with my choices,the path I should take to nirvana, suddenly everything became perfectly clear!!

And there I decided to write a letter again to my future self!! 🙂


Love to hear your thoughts

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