Nothin’ But A Good Time.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”

Sigh!! The prompt is exactly what I wanted right now in my life.Totally a day for myself!!With a toddler…who effectively handles me all the day and night,along with a very tiring job…add to it woes of moving to a new place.Sigh!,the most ideal idea that is running in my head is “A Good Sleep like Log phase”..phew.


Keeping “sleep” aside..The things I would love to do on a day which I have entirely for myself…hmm..brace for a long list 🙂

First and foremost,I would have a very lavish breakfast and end it with desserts ;)..Speaking of desserts..I would love to bake chocolate brownies…and have the hot brownies with a huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream…yes yes..all by myself…Yumm!!

How does the idea of watching an absolute superb awesome episode of Cosmos and hogging down the brownies sound??…Absolutely my idea of a lazy day!! A nap would be best option now…since the tummy is full..and there is a lot to dream about…

After the nap,I would step up to complete that half filled painting…Well this will take some time but that will be the most satisfactory time :).I would also find some time to send some long pending love notes to my dear ones 😉

And into the evening,I would spend sometime in my rose garden…Absolutely no mending or tending the plants,but just would sit there quietly..may be read my favourite book once again…or may be simply day dream or may be absolutely think about nothing.:).

Later in the evening I would do a little bit of exploring by driving around my neighbourhood.

As I come back home,take some time to wind down, may be journal about the day and sleep peacefully at night!!

Sigh!!I have no clue when I would be able to live such a day in near future!! 🙂


Love to hear your thoughts

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