Nammuku Parkan Munthirithopukal

Language  :  Malayalam
My Rating :  5/5
My Take    :  It was after a lot of painstaking search in the internet ,I could finally get hold of this classic movie.Alas,Murphy’s Law struck me as nowadays most of local channels in cable network has been airing this movie every now and then,which of course in another way is pure bliss!! 😀
Love.That is what this movie all about.
There is this guy,Solomon.And then the girl Sophia.
Solomon falls in love with the girl next door, Sophia, who has just moved into the neighbourhood.There is no magical spark or over the board expressions.Its a simple love at first sight.And like every typical Indian movie,the girl’s father is against their relationship.And the reason for his dislike ?Well,that is the crux of the story which slowly unfolds as the movie progresses.
The main protagonists are well translated to screen by Mohanlal, Shari and Thilakan.Set in a Kerala Syrian Christian background,the movie takes us to the vineyards along with the protagonists as mentioned in the title.
This movie is sheer brilliance of the script,dialogues and direction by Padmarajan such that not even once do we look away from the screen.Its as though,we are watching some part of our own life..or may be a life next door.There is not even a single unwanted scene or character in the movie.Even “The Bible” plays a main role.The dialogues between the protagonists is a major highlight of the movie 😉.
The background score by Johnson Master is everlasting and at times haunting but the show stoppers were the stellar performances of Mohanlal and Thilakan.
One of the greatest love stories ever told in Malayalam cinema.
A must watch movie for those people who love realistic cinema about the lives of people in and around us.

Love to hear your thoughts

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