In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Decisions, Decisions.”

This prompt made me think real hard on how I make decisions…

Err..not just “life changing ones” but also the small ones like waking up at certain hour..or whether to eat or not to eat that yummy snack right in front of me…or may be what I want to wear to office.

Uff,I think…making and keeping decisions is unknowingly taking up a huge chunk of my time!!

I believe most of my decisions are not throughly thought through or can it be that I am just unable to keep up with them ??

Many of the times when I take a decision I think through it both pros and cons.Then make a very very detailed plan which does take up a huge amount of time but only to abandon the decision and its consequences all together in just few days / hours / minutes.This is happening even if i start obtaining the results I want.Sigh!! The vicious cycle follows!

At other times I just choose a thoughtless,it does not involve any gut feelings 😛

And almost every other time,I simply follow the instructions given by dear ones.I just ask my mom,what should I wear to office,she suggests something which I simply do it without bothering.Then sometimes I ask my dad if I should actualy eat that yummy snack..he says “Why not ?” There I go!!

Hmmm,may be this is what making me lazy and unproductive in decision making?

Ouch,this hurts!!!


Love to hear your thoughts

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