A book that makes me happy :)

As there is no point in talking about the favourite book from my favourite series,I shall share you about that book which makes me happy, All the time 🙂


This is the book which transformed me from a just-another-book-reader to a book-worm,at an age about 12-13.

A friend of mine bought this book to our class.Just to show off :P,the kind of books she was reading.Anyways,I also got a peek of the green cover and the small snippet of the story behind the book cover.

Baammm….I was hooked “.

I wanted to know Totto-chan.

I wanted to read the book somehow.But my friend was in no mood to lend me the book,so that I can read at home.She said,”Mom will scold me for not bringing back the book“.

I cajoled,tried to bribe her..even literally begged her to lend me the book.Now to think about it,I didn’t know why I behaved so :).Anyways,my friend took pity on me and said she will bring the book the next day as well.Since that day we had some function at school,and there were no class,I could read it :).

Even today,I can vividly see myself bound by that feeling of being able to read Totto-chan the very next day.My restlessness even got me scoldings from my mamma :P.

Next day,I finished the book in like about 3 hours (if i remember correctly,I’m old now :P).That day I realised,

I love books, I am a spreader and most importantly I can do anything I wanted,if I really want it 😉 😉

The book,its green cover,the school,various incidents that happen there,the head master..and most importantly Totto-chan ,everything is still etched in my head.

Every time,after reading a book which made me happy,I realise I can never be happier than the day on which I finished Totto-chan! I am still looking for a book that can bring me the same feelings,I felt after reading Totto-chan 🙂


Love to hear your thoughts

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