The Song

Caller   :: “Hello”

Anchor :: “Hello and Welcome to “A Song of Your Choice” May I know who is calling ??

Caller   :: I am Mohan.

Anchor :: Hello Mohan,Thank you for calling to “Your Favourite Song”.Tell us Mohan,where are you calling from ?

Caller   :: I am calling from Cheppadu.

Anchor :: Cheppadu..hmm near the scenic Allepy right.Well,have you called us before Mohan ?

Caller   :: No,I am calling for the first time.But I listen to your program without fail.

Anchor :: Oh,Thank you Mohan, Its always a pleasure to play the favorite songs of callers like you.So you like listening to songs ?

Caller   ::  I never used to listen to songs much,but my wife does.She instilled this habit in me.

Anchor :: Tell us Mohan,What do you do ?

Caller   ::  I run a small electronics shop.

Anchor ::  Is it ? So how is business ?

Caller   ::  Its all going good,Thank you!!

Anchor ::  Tell us something about your family ?

Caller   ::  I am married and have two lovely daughters.

Anchor ::  Okay Mohan,quickly let us know which song do you want to listen to today ?

Caller   ::  “Pranayikukayirunnu naam ororo jnamagalil“**

Anchor ::  Such a lovely song, This must be a dedication for your dear wife I guess ?

Caller   ::  Yes, please dedicate this song to my wife.Its her favorite song.

Anchor ::  Is it Mohan ? So tell me Mohan,Is today some day special ?

Caller   ::  Hmm…Today is her 1st death anniversary.

The call got disconnected and the song was played.Somewhere sitting in a small electronics shop near Cheppadu,Mohan would be listening to The Song filled with memories.
PS: **”I have been loving you over many lives/ births “- A rough translation.The song is from a malayalam movie “Manasil Oru Manjuthulli“.The above narrated incident is a real one but with added fiction 🙂


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