Monday Blues!


For a few days now,I have been feeling terrible…from within me.I was(still am) feeling bitter,worried,sad etc.Its like all of emotions inclusive of happiness bottled up inside me waiting to burst out,the pressure is tremendous.Its a new horizon of feelings and sometimes it makes me wonder  “Am i depressed  ?? 😉

I am kind of struggling to comprehend whats happening around me.The year till now was a roller coster drive and I think its all getting accumulated fast,faster!!In this course,I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt my dears ones.And I keep on apologising without knowing where or how to change the course of my life!


That being said,is one of the main contributors of my bottling_up_emotions.Well,I believe,no one would longer believe me if I keep up with this trend!! I have to somehow pull myself out from this phase!

Wish me luck! 🙂


Love to hear your thoughts

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