My Happiness

Every smallest of activity I do with my little ’N’ gives me happiness.No,nothing has given me more happiness in my life than the growing up with my little one.

That tinge of spreading smile when she finds me right next her when she searches for me makes me happy with pride.

Her tiny hip shaking to Shakira’s song gives me bouts of laughter!

Her way of displaying a naughty wink when she about to do some mischief

When she finally succeeds in matching words with animals

When she opens her mouth for one more spoon of food ;)..

Like the other day when she was able to climb all the way upstairs of our home without my help!

Her tata-bybye-mmmuuuaaahh..see you..Oh I can go on…

Ever since little one has come to our life,every day,every moment has been happiness.I was transformed in such a way that everything I do,I am able to find/give maximum happiness!!

Even when I’am writing this post!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Happiness

  1. anawnimiss says:

    This is really sweet. I’m yet to be a mom (my first baby is due in January), but I already feel this overwhelming, all-consuming love running through my veins. Can’t wait to experience the real thing!


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