Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Language  :  English
My Rating :  4/5
My Take    :  The first thing I did after finishing the movie was to smell myself  :D. Sounds crazy…isn’t it ?. The movie made me think about my most under utilized sense…”Smell“.It was not until I watched this movie,that made me realize how lost I am in the vast world of aroma.I could therafter identify anything by the distinct smell associated with it after watching the movie.
Now we all can smell, but how can you preserve the distinct smell of every object we come across ?Is there a smell which can be the ultimate fragrance in this world ? Can any one ever create such a wonder aroma ?
These were the quest of the protagonist in the movie,played brilliantly by Ben Whishaw.
It’s not much of a thriller as it claims to be, but yes one will be glued to the movie till the end.

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