The Lump


I reached the shore and stood there waiting
Small waves trickled my feet
Burying them beneath the turf
I had a lump in my throat
And I didn’t know why it was there
You were beside me,but said nothing
It was time, you looked at me
It was the time,I was waiting
I wanted to tell something
Nothing but came only a whisper
And you showed me,The Sun
A golden flame,far across the horizon
Rising from the deep blue ocean,
Sparking life even in sand grains
I was mesmerized by the sparkling rays
Just like the twinkle in your eyes
Neither did you tell me anything
Nor did I say anything
It was all sealed as a moment
To cherish,in days to come
Since then,I saw a thousand rising sun’s
Each one to be only more beautiful
We met often and nothing changed
It just was the same sun,sand and waves
Smiles,stories of past and sand castles
Kept building us together
In my mind I kept a dream safe
It was you and me,
I did not realize the time
For it had moved ahead of me
And one day, the sun was deep red
As if writhing in blood
The sun had to move,
To the other world, beyond the horizon
I searched for you with tearful eyes
To show the wounded sun
But you were also fading
Into a vague horizon
Letting the darkness creep in
The sun went down that evening
And a lump came up in my throat
And I waited there for the rising sun


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