It was a very cold winter
When I saw ‘You’ in here
Cladded in your brown sweater,
I couldn’t but only admire

Long legs and slender body,
Blue eyes and beautiful hair,
And a smile so heavenly…
A perfect beauty I have seen ever.

While sipping the hot coffee 
Glancing for a vacant seat
You came right to my table
I knew then, God had intervened in.

Moments I always thanked for
Flew across my mind 
As a bunch of lovely memories
While I walk past “The Cafeteria”
Pleasures and numbers exchanged 
Slowly from You and I, we grew
Through You, in life, I knew
I am forever bound with You

Mustering up my courage
I said to You, ”I love you”
You were too busy to notice…
Sigh!!I waited again for a moment

Cuddling in each other’s arms
While counting the umpteenth star
I proposed to You,
You smiled a silent “Yes!!!”

Moments I always wished for
Rushed into my mind 
As a bunch of colorful memories
When I walk past “Our Proposal Park”

Every second was beautiful
With You beside me
You filled my life 
With happiness and love

We did a lot of things
We said a lot of things
We fought a lot over things
But, happy I was, I found You

The Spring ,then came
Season I waited for
Along it bought the wedding bells 
You and I, we tied the knot

Moments I will always cherish
Filled up my mind 
As wonderful memories
When I walk past “The Chapel”

That was also any other day
I can see you waving at me 
Running across the street 
Just for the hug you missed

The dreams I built about us
For sailing in life’s ocean 
Shattered in a moment
Leaving you bleeding to death 

Pain and lots of pain 
Never did i want to see You so
Tears and anger flow 
Knowing,I could do no more

Moments I always hate
Flooded in my mind 
As the dreadful memories
While I wait at “The street”

Choice i had to make
A hard one indeed 
The death 
To free You from your pain

But I wait and wish
You might come running 
To get Your missed hug 
A last miracle can still happen

Moments I am in a blur
Floats in my mind 
As blunt memories
While I wait at Your “Funeral”

Memories and more memories 
Some makes me laugh and 
some makes me sad
You are the one who gave me them
Indebted to You forever I’m…


Love to hear your thoughts

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