Our House

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Our House.”

    My first home as I remember was a white terrace home,which was the first house in a huge compound consisting of three other houses.There was a pathway leading to the home from the gate,alternatively a cement road was also present.It had shrubs which can be called as small trees,and they had lot of nests in them.

The first thing I remember about the home is its colour.It was a bluish white washed home in the late 80s.And it had a pattern grill on the verandah.And it showed beautiful patterns in the late afternoon,when the sun sets!

There was a small room as soon as you enter the home,which I believed was my room.We had a hall cum dining and adjacent to it was the only bedroom.The kitchen ? I don’t rememeber :D,but I know there was one :D.

There was a huge open tank just outside our home,on to which I fell and drowned once.Though I don’t rememeber,that happening.I was saved coz my mamma was determined enuf not to let me die!! Its a tale to be heard from my mom.

Ah..this was the home from where I disappeared briefly panicking my parents,while I fell asleep under the cot.

This home is where I had my first_friend_sleep_over 😀

We welcomed my little brother in this home.I used to sing lullabies to him all the time.I also remember,stealing and hiding his toys and chocolates,and I myself forgetting where I kept it hidden!

…The memories,the closeness,the happiness..childhood..its magical! 🙂


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