One more time…

Began,that yesteryear day

To an alarm that didn’t ring on time

To a broken heater and then a cold shower

To burnt breakfast and cold tea

 To dive into a sweaty jam packed bus

To being late for the stand up call

To the broken coffee machine

To that code which refused to run

To the forgotten wallet

To the empty grumbling stomach

To the sudden evening rain

To the added rain-o-traffic madness

To a messy home with no power

To the unclean kitchen

To piles of dirty clothes 

To the chair,I collapse tiredly

To close my eyes,I try

And then,suddenly,you came,

To pull me and then mumble a silent “mma”

From amongst the other days!

Its this day,for the first time

When you called me,”Amma”

I’d relive that day,for the rest for my life 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “One More Time


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