The Great Pretender

We all pretend. Everyday.

Well,we need to pretend,right ?

We pretend we are doing good in life though deep down there is this twitching feel of something not being right.

We pretend to ignore the old beggar or the dirty child in the streets.

We pretend to ignore the dwindling greenery and growing garbage around us.

We pretend not to be affected by the onslaught of horrific news everyday.

We prentend not to worry about the mundane work we do everyday.

We pretend not to worry about the dwindling salary even by the mid of every month.

We pretend to like the conversations we have with our colleagues though we are find them boring.

We pretend to enjoy with our children,while all we need is a good night sleep.

We pretend to ignore the growing waistline.

We pretend being young,though the hair fall,the wrinkles has increased

We pretend that not having hobbies or even time to read a book does not matter.

We pretend of not having few minutes to call our dear ones,friends or family.

We pretend of not being affected by the behaviour of our dear ones.

We pretend we are not hurt when there is no one to call amongst thousands of contacts to open up.

We pretend to be not affected by the posts of friends in social media.

We pretend not to pretend :).

Each one of us does this all the time and without this fooling of ourselves,it might become quite difficult to live in this world.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Great Pretender



2 thoughts on “The Great Pretender

  1. Dorn Simon-Sinnott says:

    All very true points, ones that we take for granted by pretending so easily, that we forget we might be pretending!
    Or is it that these points are simply the human condition? The social conformity to exist?
    Food for thought however, was found reading through this.

    Liked by 1 person

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