Sorry,I’m busy

In busy traffic junctions of Indian roads,right when the signal turns red,we can always find a group of people comprising of children,girls,boys,even older folks covering you from all your sides.They all are trying to sell small but cute things or sun shields etc to the people who are stuck in the signal.Occasionally,I do buy something or the other especially if there kids.[Thats why they employ kids!!!]

It was one such day when we were stuck in traffic,the only difference being that I was with my team on my way to a team outing.But that day,it was a very old man who came to us,started tapping on the car window with his bony hand.He was trying to sell a packet of ear buds.He was crying and asking us to buy at least a packet of those ear buds.He really was in hunger,pain and shame 😦

But I chose to ignore him.I chose not to look at him[yes,I am a rude-jerk].I am not sure why I did that.I am ashamed of myself,I still am and will always be!! 😦

That pathetic look of the old man,is still giving me heart aches even after a year of this incident.After a few days,I went looking for him but could not find him.It still haunts me that when I could have made a difference by buying that kit or even giving him some money or at least even buying him a meal,I chose not to do it.

Its such a relief on being able to tell this out loud,now.

In response to the daily post Sorry, I’m Busy


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