It rained heavily
And after ages
Stooping brown trees
Overflowing streams
Wet red muddy roads 
It was indeed,a new life

     Just like the good rain
     Who knows when to come
     I came to your life
     The least when you expecte

It rained heavily,
Again,The next season
Streams still flows
Pregnant clouds filled skies
It was still a new world
But with onset of wrinkles 

     Again we met
     Not just for a season
     From the initial spurge
     Together,we grew old 

It rained heavily
And recurrently
For many seasons
Rivers were born
This seasonal burst
Now was another routine
     You,took my love for granted
     And I was slowly cornered
     Not to an adored one
     But to a mere ordinary

It never rained again
Slowly the rivers dried
And trees turned skeletal brown
Roads were again dusty red
And the sky was blue!

     And I too disappeared
     Not for anything,but
     In search to regain 
     My lost revere…

May be,
It might rain,again
Just after a wait,
Perfectly long enough
To dry away 

The insipidness!  

Note : Written in a hurry!


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