My Angel

Overwhelmed with joy
My eyes brim with tears
When I saw my little angel

My hands tremble with fear
On touching her tender face
For i was afraid
My roughness would hurt her

Getting her to my arms
Was a true divine moment
It is no where similar
To what i had always imagined

Holding her in arms
A longing dream of mine
Truly a bundle of joy
That i had in my arms

Cute eyes and small nose
Rose lips and Soft toes
No where she resembled me
As her father said…

Suddenly she twists,
Raising her closed pink fist
As though in protest
For disturbing her sleep

Rocking her back to sleep
I watched my lovely gift
And I realize that,
My life has changed forever


Note : This was written even before I had my baby girl :D,I knew I would definitely have a girl,just like me 🙂


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