We got to watch “Charlie” yesterday and boy,it was a very colourful-hippy -movie.


The story in simple sentence,” A quirky girl in search of an equally quirky guy 😛

This is a movie for all those misfits in the society,who dare to do things differently,who has in them what it takes to be weird and be happy about being weird.And I believe at least some point we all too might have wanted such colour and madness in life.

Charlie the protagonist,is a kind hearted artist…magician..rescuer..alcoholic(?).Again,I am not sure how he lives(?) or what he does to fill his stomach(?).His family is  his dad ,who confirms that travelling has made Charlie,who he is now. He also have a huge list of admirers who are bemused by his ways of life and love he showers to everyone of them.He is kind to all and goes that extra mile to help and rescue people in distress.

Now the story is progressed when our lady,Tessa,who also an artist,who had ran away from her mother rents a dingy home previously rented by Charlie,who had left behind a huge collection of his art.Being an artist herself,helps Tessa to admire and be intrigued about Charlie when she stumbles upon his graphic novel.A special mention to this graphic novel,which albeit was the crux of the story.That one was superbly done. :).She is super excited about the prospects of meeting a like headed man,and soon sets out to find him!She uses the portraits Charlie had drawn to find the folks and their stories associated with him and slowly Charlie is pieced together..! Finally,did Tessa and Charlie meet ?If they met,how was that meeting ? :)Thats for you to watch!!

First and for most the costumes,the home,the locations, esp the pooram :) was really nice to see so much of color in every frame!! 🙂 and yea the graffiti,the hippy-ness,bohemian style of the movie.It all,added a certain warmth to the story.The music..very refreshing.And it does justice to movie or so I believe.The beauty of kochi,all those lanes and roads and old buildings which I haven’t seen in any other movie was so pleasant to watch,cinematography at the best!!

About the characters,the one person to whom I can totally relate was Tessa.She reminded me of what I used to be :D.And one scene,which struck with me was the eulogy given to self :).That was thought provoking and made me remember passages from Tuesdays with Morrie :).

But if you ask about the story,aah..I could not find one.It was all about one central character and too much of the central character.I was also annoyed at couple of abrupt endings or starting to the people he is associated somehow.

Though,everybody was praising Dulquer for his free spirited acting,I quite didn’t enjoy him.He was making so much of effort to look effortless 😛 Through out the movie,I was thinking who could have replaced him to throw in that spark to otherwise quirky movie.Parvathy was an absolute delight to watch! Her eyes,expressive and her body language which shows that excitement,with a slight tinge of disappointment whenever she misses Charlie :).Aparna was her usual self of being bold (?).Venuchettan was the most effortless actor,he reminded me of my grand father.And how can one forget about the “Thief”,he was great!

Once the movie was over,my dad exclaimed to have “enjoyed” the new gen movie but it reminded him of Estappan  by Aravindan G. And yeah,so I did dig about the movie!!

The most surprising thing,I found in the movie was the location of “Youth Hostel”.Its enroute to my maternal grandparents home :D, and I could not keep my eyes of the scenic beauty of my place.I was brimming with pride!!

My Rating : 3.5 / 5


One thought on “Charlie

  1. Uday says:

    I think it was mentioned somewhere that Charlie makes money through his art, which is actually never shown so it’s a mystery indeed! 🙂 All in all, I really enjoyed the film and the fact that even though the movie is named Charlie, it is actually Tessa’s film all the way! 😀 And Kochi is really so beautifully shown, I wanna visit it one day!

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