Lessons from 2015

The year 2015,was a rollercoaster ride for me from being emotionally hurt to getting recovered from the tragic accident in life.Happiness got redefined in this year.And some of the most important things I have learned

  • We all will be/are hurt in our life times.As the pain thus caused cannot be measured,we can only say we are hurt or may cry our hearts out.We feel as the most unluckiest person in the world.We also feel like the entire universe has conspired against us.We are bitter,angry and sad.No amount of assurance can lift us from the hell hole…but all of these happen only when we are just impacted by the pain,sooner or later,the pain would all have been gone and only a tinge of sadness occurs as a remainder of the event!!,Yes,we as humans cannot keep the pain with us,which is good!.I learned ,that indeed,time heals.
  • Everything happens for a reason,even if something hurts you deeply at a point of time,it may help you put things into perspective.So there is no point in worrying or panicking,instead we must be able to pick ourselves up,dust away the unreasoning problems and find out a way to reach our destinations giving consideration to the issues.I learned that If we cannot,lift ourselves up at the time most needed,then that becomes the failure.
  • Issues,problems all come and go.The so called huge pain gets reduced to a tinge of sadness when we remember them,now if we can remind ourselves of about some of the happiest moments we had in our life that tinge of happiness will brighten our day.Always try to give ourselves that deserving happiness.I learned to remember the happy days, and be grateful for them.
  • Enjoy being in present,its the only thing you ever have.This present is the only thing which helps us to shape up a future we always want(ideal) and create colourful or wonderful memories.We and our loved ones are not guaranteed to be together forever,so we don’t want regrets to be build.So,you want to call that old friend,call her/him now.You want to buy a nice laptop,start saving now,and buy that.I learned that being in present and hearing your lil baby call for you is the most blessed thing in life.
  • One must always strive to be a better person than they were on the previous day.Eating good food,drinking more water,helping your parents ,helping siblings or your children achieve their dreams etc.I learned that the more I help myself,only then I can help others.

Thank you 2015 for being such a wonderful teacher!!


4 thoughts on “Lessons from 2015

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your article made me nostalgic. Even for me 2015 was painful and still there are remnants of the undesired event. But yes, I have learnt that holding on to your past never helps you. It weakens your system from inside both physically and mentally. So enrich your present with lot of good memories and experiences. 🙂

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