How I found my Golden mornings..?

Everyday,I tell myself I will get up an hour earlier and spend some quality time with myself, a few minutes for my hobbies,then few minutes to tend garden,which is facing an imminent death well before I head out to face the a warrior in kitchen,packing lunch and breakfast for myself, my husband ,my parents and my lil “N”…and then avoid the rush to office.

And ,I am telling you everyday I come up with weird, funny and even horrible reasons NOT to wake up!!.As usual,everyday I get up late, I am flooded with guilt and my day has already taken the wrong direction,at least in my head which miraculously gets manifested[The Secret!! :P].and every day ends with me being tired ,gloomy and exhausted.And before I hit the bed,I again start day-dreaming about a morning free of hassles.

For months [years] together,nothing changed.I tried out every method in internet and self help books :(!!

Then one day,I decided,just like that “I am going to turn the tables all around” to find my way in making my dark mornings into very golden ones!.Voila,albeit after a few failures,I am able to make my morning shine gold.

And this is how I did it.

At first,I threw aways all those fancy ,puzzle alarm apps away.No more snoozing.That felt amazing!!.After which.I left my phone away from my sleeping area.Then I slept like a baby with my girl,until all those sleeplessness I believed I had in me , err in my head has finally left me!!.It took me couple of weeks to finally make my self believe that “Yea I have slept enough!!

So,now here I am with all freshness,still waking up late.I decided that its finally time to pamper myself with the extra time I am going to get in morning and I decided to wake up at 6:00 am.Well,as usual it was not successful.And the reason,I was too carried away by the “extra golden hour” and I began ferociously planning every minute after I get up like doing a blog post,reading that books,doing yoga and blah blah…well,it was not a surprise that it failed!!.Waking up at 6,felt a chore again.The I had that light bulb moment …aka…I ditched the plans.And went to sleep peacefully.The next day,I woke up exactly at 5:55am,no alarms or anything.I simply opened my eyes and stared right at the clock.

Now the next part,waking up is one thing but getting out of bed is totally another thing.I did a number of things to motivate myself to simply take that few steps from my bed,which I felt was like kms away.I wavered and thought as to why I must torture myself ? I can sleep comfortably resting on my hubs,warm chest :D.My head was coming up with a lot of stuff to make myself remain in the bed.

But then after experiencing the mad rush hour,I really wanted to find some solid way to get out of the bed.It did took me a couple of days to come up after going through all those possible ways to motivate me to get up from bed I came up with this killer combo of having a hot cup of coffee as soon as I wake up.The sweet smell somehow rewired my brain to get up.The half awakened myself, start searching for my brush.Now,how can I have my coffee without brushing,there I am already heading to brush my  teeth ,just to have that coffee and with that splash of water,I am up,awake and ready to conquer my world..sipping my hot coffee :D.

Today,as soon as I have my cup of coffee,I head straight to watch the ever mesmerising golden sunrise.That fills me with gratitude,for being alive in this earth.What are the odds ??

I,now have all the time to do those little things,I always wanted to do without disturbing anyone in my family,esp my toddler.With this routine I am able to reach office on time and leave on time and also be more productive.I am also able to spend more time with my girl,who has lots to say!!And most importantly,I have found a new happy me.

Thanks to my brush and a cup of coffee,my once dark mornings have now become “Golden Mornings” 


Love to hear your thoughts

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