I have no words to express my happiness and gratefulness for being born as my parents daughter,to have a wonderful and supportive brother,to have such a huge extended family full or warmth!

Yes,I admit,I have had my fair share of disagreements and ugly fights but I am forever grateful for the way my parents have shaped me up.They have taught me many things and I have learned more by observing them,the way the stick together as one and solve problems that life throws unexpectedly!

And then came along my dearest hubs “R”.It sure changed my life all together.I was eagerly waiting to put in use of all those ideas ,I learnt from my parents but I was in a surprise!Every family is unique,even if it is yours or your parents.His family also gave me subtle surprises in their own way 🙂 and I was completely at ease with my new family!

And as soon as I gave birth to my girl,”N”,I knew at my heart that my family is now complete.Her laughter,cute faces,little queries,and a lot of happiness,have made me understood the true essence of family.

In a very critical days of pain and torture in my life,gave me the clear insight into why a strong family-hood can actually help you out of any misery!!I am forever grateful for my family

Thank you ache and amma and kuttan and ettan and my lil girl.


Love to hear your thoughts

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