Transformation !

I was in pitch dark,

And I was drowning deep

The air was suffocating

And the death looming beside

I kept holding onto,a something

Which I knew no longer existed

I forget to count the days and nights

While I still drop my tears

And then came a day

I chose to open my eyes

Slowly darkness left me

I chose to stop my tears

And I realised,I was alone

In that scary place

Looking above from the deep dungeon

I saw the bright blue sky

I saw the fluttering,

Of birds and butterflies

I heard the murmurs,

Of the swaying  trees

I smelled the deep fragrance,

Of blooming white lilies

I remembered those days,

I smiled,laughed and danced

I yearned for the days,

When I was so alive…


And then,I finally decide to move on…


Love to hear your thoughts

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