MJ-The Legend

Michael Joseph Jackson!



Now,back to my story!

I never had an inclination towards music,even though my parents are avid lovers of songs and my dad is quite a good singer himself.I,on the other hand, had a kind of aversion to music.Though there are some film songs which I like,and some keertanams that I often listen to.I absolutely hated those album songs,the ear splitting rock music or the english songs.I only knew a handful artists like Britney Spears ,Celine Dion(thanks to Titanic) and then MJ.Without even listening to any of his masterpieces,I chose to dislike and ignore him.

Now,my husband is totally a divergent of me.He is a music junkie who has gone so far to get the latest of gadgets for listening to music with all its clarity and loudness.He was “flabbergasted and disgusted” to know that I have not heard his favourite musician of all time.Now,he had taken up the pledge to make me understand what I was missing in my life :P.He started driving me crazy by repeatedly playing MJ songs.All my pleas fell to his deaf ear,he never listens to me but only to MJ.At first,I was forced to listen to the legend.Then slowly  his magic worked out.At some point of time,I started to like those beats,the lyrics,the song,the mood he created and then after some days,I started to hum those songs and occasionally tap my legs.You see,I wanted to show my hubs,I still disliked him.But later on,I started to miss his energetic songs :),it was then I truly understood what I had been missing in my life,”Music”

I have this weird habit of reading up everything about anything that I am hooked up before I actually start using it.Say,if I am about to read a book,I devour  all about the author and even read the reviews of the book that I am about to read before even reading the book. :D.Before I had a chance to watch an MJ performance,I started reading all about him.I read about his start of career,his vocals,his family,his  illness,his changes,the allegations against him and mostly everything.But what I felt was that,none of this denies the very fact that he is indeed the “King of Pop”

I still remember the awe,I was in when I watched his stage performance “Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” 30th Anniversary Madison Square Garden NY” in youtube for the first time.It was unbelievable!!!.From the moment he enters the stage he conquers them.OMG…I have never seen another person do that.Only he can up his performance.Never once can we feel a drop in his energy!.He is simply Fantastico!!

Music is what had made him “King of POP”.It is the music he created,that resonated with the people around him.Its his soul rendering music which have made all of us give away a piece of our hearts.Every single syllable out of his throat,shakes you,feels for you, eventually drifting you to another world.And his subtle ways of hinting against the various problems and atrocities in this world ,through his songs.His songs are all different but every single one of them has that stamp of MJ,that Navigates us to a whole new world.

Oh,I was again floored by the knowledge that all his dance moves are his own creations just like his music.And he defined the dance moves.They are always new, different,Peppy and mind boggling.And the most amazing thing,it still remains so.Always peppy!! I don’t think,there is anyone this planet who would not have tried or at least heard his famous MoonWalk?


Or his gravity defying stunt! Or his robot dance..Uff!! He is always full of energy doing the thing he loves the most.Thats passion.Thats dedication.And when we do something which we love,I think we will never be tired.Ahem!!

And boy,talk about the deep Impact he has created and still creating,on the people of this world!.It is something very difficult to achieve.His “Thriller” released in 1983  is still the best selling album in the world.That is like 33 years and counting!!!.

Now he is what a true performer is,One who has the capability to touch and change lives through music.One who is original.One who is a visionary.One who is truly is a legend.

You will always be missed MJ.



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Images Courtesy : MJ FB Page Photo stream


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