The Art of Thinking Clearly

What have I been reading ?  


A Crisp Note:  Clearly,I lost my thinking over the book 🙂

In a little detail :  This book was more or less like a definitions book,for making us familiar with a whole set of jargons related to “thinking”.Every chapter is dedicated to some thinking term,which is then explained by relating it to some incident or story.There are couple of stories,which I could relate.And thats it.All of these were very crisp and I rather would have loved a little bit more of reading about these terms or their explanations! Again,I could not remember most of them once I read the book.

Final Act :I bought this book hearing the praises about the same in Quora,but I must say I was disappointed. Everything about this book can be said in just one line as “A hand book to Thinking Fast and Slow”.



Love to hear your thoughts

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