An Ode to January

January,this always reminded me of a bunch of buds of white roses,cuddled together,waiting to bloom.The air is still cold,but with a warmth of the awaiting seasons in due course of the year.The dreams which are yet to bloom,the worlds yet to visit.Its always nice to be remembered that there is till a year out! :).This month

  • My girl started singing songs and even composes some all by herself.That little twist she adds to her singing is adorable!! 🙂
  • Finally,I found a work schedule which is actually working for me.Throughout this month,I have put myself through a vigorous timetables of achieving some goals and I am so happy that its showing me results
  • My brother visited us for a long vacation,which made me happy.We went for short and long trips 🙂
  • And the trips were fantastic,got to visit places which I never knew existed in my small hometown.Such a long wait 🙂
  • And,I started reading again,that was the highlight of this month :D.And the challenge is to read and review,a book every week.


Thanks January for being such a great month,and welcome February!! 😉



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