A Bird, a Plane, You!

I have always wanted to travel and I am more than happy if I can travel through time.Well,I don’t want to alter the past or the future.

Let the things,the places,the events,the people be just the same.All I want is to witness some of the most important things of history happening right in front of me.Just like rewinding and watching a videotape,I would love to watch all the events happened in this world,of course with me in it :).Events that capture my curiosity would be,

  • The Indus Valley civilisation,how they developed their script,what happened to them ?Were they attacked and wiped out ? Or did they manage to migrate else where ?


  • Or may be if the great war -Mahabharatha really happen ? Can I get a seat at the arena to hear Lord Krishna delivering Bhagavad Gita ?
  • How did they built the Great wall of China or the Great Pyramid built ? 
  • If only,I could,I would love to watch Susruta,conducting precise medical surgeries  ?

  • How blood-ish was the French revolution ? How agitated were the people ?How did people take the world by storm ?
  • I am getting all goosebumps while thinking about the one chance to listen to the revolutionising speeches of Gandhi or Hitler or Lenin or Churchill ?

Image Courtesy

  • May be walk along side Gandhi on Dhandi March ! And be a part of our freedom struggle.
  • What about a time travel to the atrocities committed by Nazis ? Inspired by E.M Night 
  • Well,how about travelling to the time when Charles Darwin who wrote the Origin of Species and researched about evolution? Or even Copernicus proclaiming that “Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the universe
  • I want to know all about the landing on moon by Neil Armstrong.“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Ha..there are so many !! 🙂

Closer home,I would love to go back to the time when my brother was born…I still love his pink feet 😀 and if I could re-live all the fun and innocence of my carefree childhood  days!

I would absolutely be on cloud nine,if I could only go on for a time travel on to the exact day my girl ‘N’ was born :).

Being a part of something historical,something mysterious,something important and finding out how it might have happened,I believe that is an experience in itself for a life time.!

In response to the Daily Post : A Bird, a Plane, You!


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