Its a weirdly strange place
A barren world and I
My clothes were torn,
Dried throat and dead eyes
I hear only a faint hissing
I sweat,only to drop blood
And I smell like burnt flesh
There,I find a tattered piece of a skull
I become curious and fight my tiredness
I search to find,if there are any
                       reminiscent pieces
I walk for long hours
I am weaker than before
I just wanted to quench my thirst
I forgot my trail and mission
I turn around only to be surprised.
I am here again,where I was
And I find the missing pieces
Of broken skull
A few withered away
And few cracked ones
Some with flesh on it
I try to put them together
It slowly shaped to become me…
I was all afraid and I try to run
But my feet grows deep roots
I sink and my soul disappeared
Much to my dismay,
I fell asleep to eternity
Note : Had a weird dream and I think it was something like above.

Love to hear your thoughts

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