An Ode to February

February brings in a lot of love,as it is the official birthday month at our home :D.My dada,my mom,myself and my little “N” share our birthdays in this month and thus this is very special.We kind of have to compensate for the rest of the birthday less year.This month reminds me of cakes,new dress,food.With “N” arrival,its has changed as now she gets to enjoy all of these. :).In this month

  • My girl turned 2.She is the most prized gift I ever had.I believed,I almost lost her but then she had to be there,to make me understand a lot of things I had taken for granted.Happy birthday “N”!! 🙂
  • It was my dad and mom birthdays too.I was very happy to be able to be with them to celebrate their birthdays.
  • And myself,I turned 30 and it was difficult till now :P.An entire post to follow on that.

Thanks February for being a reminder of how sweet life can be.!! 😉


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