March Marched Away…

Leaving me lazier than ever!!

The sultry march was so longg…as if in a deep slumber to protect itself from the growing heat of summer.Yet,she did bring me a few good things ,

  • Finally it came to me as a big relief that I was misdiagnosed.It all started with a wrong blood report,on the basis of which medicines were administrated to me,which in turn threw my health out of balance!!I had a massive weight gain,hair thinning,mood swings,dizziness,heart burns,ulcers….etc.And I stopped taking the medicines based on my gut feeling and voila,every single health issue subsided the next day and vanished within a week :).Now,back to normal.Though this did affect my blog posts but nonetheless,a healthy body is most important!
  • At work,no work!! :).We had a whole month of free time,due to our client being on his paternity leave and our project being on maintenance mode.And I lazily spend the entire month surfing the internet,FB,WP Blogs,Quora.And the  finally deactivated all accounts except for blogs here.Well,I am at peace
  • My girl,is all grown up and will be at a summer camp next week to reduce her boredom at home.When we started looking for play schools for here,for one of the so called best school in my area,apparently,2 years is age-over for day care and she has to take “extra classes” to catch up when she starts actual school at June.Well,I decided that my girl would never be taking any stupid extra classes to grow up.
  • And here at blogs,I had the maximum views,comments and visitors since this blog has started,which has made me super happy!!

Now April is here,so will be the “New Year” as per our traditions.This month used to bring a lot of happiness,get togethers of families,yellow flowers,unniyappams,ah….Though days are going to be hotter,I can feel the numbness of being a grown up!!



3 thoughts on “March Marched Away…

  1. The Greedy Reader says:

    So happy that your health issues are all sorted out and you are fine now. The ‘kani-konna’ is in full bloom here and it reminds me of delicate flakes of gold dancing in the wind. Those flowers sure are the best mood-enhancers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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