Chaos of my mind…

Here lies beneath me, the reason
A reason,why my days and my nights
Are filled with bloody clouds
from where only red blood rain falls
When and ever I look up,I see him
The God,with a red hot rod
He ordered me to find “The One”
Who had sworn to spill my blood
And then fill me with his evilness
I ignored the voice at first
I ignored his grant appearances
I kept running,my eyes wide open
I could not hide from him
Even the sleep alluded me
I could no longer ignore,
Nor could I run any longer
I realised the day has to come
To kill the devil for good
I reached his door step
I saw a reflection of myself
It was my face and features
The God whispered,
“He is the one,who pollutes your world”
“He is the little angel who suck your blood”
The evil God growled at me,
Kill him and free yourself…
I hammered him once,
I hammered him once more
There he lies underneath me
Blood oozing out from him
     and drenching me in full
He was dead and now I am free
The voice in my head went quiet
And so did the appearances of evil god
It rained water that evening .
And my sky was clear…

Note : A whole of new type of work began at my office,which is quite chaotic !! at this beginning stage 😀


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