Monday Blues…!



There is no meaning in comparison of any forms.Every individual who has born is unique,with different capabilities.It is “us” who wants a routine,a rigid-ness or a normalcy in this chaotic world bring up the social norms of being similar.From the day a child is born,she / he has to follow certain unsung rules put forth by the society.There is no escape from it as we all have adjusted to confine our minds in the box.The box of being mediocre.”Its all we need,a life of being mediocre”.The society tells us and we are conditioned to believe it.We are made sure that fire of survival is being drained away.And we force ourselves as well as our babies to it,in the due process we kill our purpose of being born 🙂

And it takes years again,to find the “true calling” most of them ignore that as they have been taught to.Others,who try to follow their life purpose is ridiculed to such an extent that most of them simply give up that spark the “soul” or “gut” have been trying to give them.But then there are a handful of the people,who are able to find the magic.They had held on , persisted until they found that light at the end of tunnel…

Be that persistent fellow,who define the real strength,who display the true courage,who discover their life’s purpose.

A little piece of my mind.




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