Discrepancy !

He was the head of “The Company”.To be precise,he was the only employee of his company.He just had revamped his largest system of records and he had a lot of pending work.His upgrade was to make sure that the information was stored with utmost security.He could trust none.

“One hell of a job to manage all these records!!”.He felt frustrated.A few hours into tracking and loading the new system,he could not find the any relation or place for some 21,000 records.He was confused.

“Were these records previously present or did he make mistakes ?”

He was too lazy to check his backup data and rather found the easy way,deleting all the mismatched records.Well,he was being the boss.

All news channels were flashing the latest news – Japan hit by a massive earthquake of magnitude 8.9 and followed by a destructive Tsunami.Almost 3000 people feared dead.

Few days later – The count increased to 21,000.

“Yeah, pretty much settled ”. He smiled.


Note : Being creative 😉


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