I was born very late in the night.

Dawn,to be precise.Nothing but only the tender moonlight,sprayed upon.I have finally reached my destination.This,the birth was overwhelming.I was scared and sad.And then I began my waiting…,to die.Well,that was my purpose.I was born to die.

I felt,I might not even live until the sun rose. My death which was certain and I even knew how I would die.I would simply dry up or burst open.But sometimes,even a light breeze can kill me,if I am not careful.

Once I settled,I noticed my surroundings.The dimly lit landscape,with rays of sun slowly seeping in.The beautiful sky which was being nudged by the sun rays to wake up,spreading its orange hues.The huge trees.The flowers.The green plants.All were sleeping and no one knew,I have arrived.

I was appalled by the beauty before me but was sad,thinking about the minuscule of life I had to enjoy this.In me, echoed the  voice of elders,”There was no real purpose of our birth.And by our death,we hope to be reborn to tell the tales of wonder who chose to go down this path.”

It was then,a little girl with her grandfather came running to me.I was trembling with fear,for the blanket under which I hid myself was opened.

“Look,grandpa.Look at what I have found.See,this is shining at the tip of the rose bud.Look, how pretty is it ? ”

“Oh dear, its dew drop.”

At this moment, I realised my purpose of life which was smaller than an eye-blink.I am alive to help a little girl form a beautiful memory.And as long as she is able to recall my existence and be happy about it,even if it was for a moment,I consider myself to have “lived”.A huge life span doesn’t matter unless,if we are able to spark a tinge of happiness in at least a person.

Though,ephemeral.I understand,I am eternal in a little girl’s memory!


Note: Bit late due to hectic schedule at work.Nonetheless,continuing with the challenge!! 🙂


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