An old blue silk saree, adorns her body
A thin gold chain around her neck
Her hands filled with red bangles
Her dark kohl filled black eyes
Dreams about her future life
Her smile,brightens the hopes
She was a beauty!
And there he stood,her saviour
Until today he was no one
But after today he is the one
Non describable was he, but his act
Will be the talk for years to come
To marry the girl,whose innocence  was robbed
And was sold as cheap old gold
Her eyes were in tears of happiness
She turned back to see her friends
Their gleaming eyes filled with hope
For a day like this might come
A release from this wretched life
A wedding so rare,thus happened !
With  blessings and well wishes
She moved on with him
A new home and hopeful new world
She took care of him and so did he
They loved each other
In a way no one else can
She was safe with him
Away from those stares and ogles
And from the haunted memories
In every moment spend with him
Only to be interrupted,
By the knocks at their door
Quoting prices for her
He , neither could she tolerate
She was reminded of her old life
As she walked the streets
The ladies and the kids
Stayed away from her
People talk and talk
Spreading  news of all kind
She could tolerate,but not him
His eyes oozed the pain
Of an unfulfilled promise
She cried,cried and cried
And then finally decided
From better or worse
She could never be with him
Her life is a simply a mirage
And returned to her old home
Where all those gloomy eyes
Absorbed her sorrow
And the realisation of their life.


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