Ah..that word…

I have a million of things to write about and about hundreds of them make to my drafts.And I post only a handful of them.

Does that show I don’t value what I write ? Do I feel my words are not worthy of an audience? Why do I keep on mercilessly edit and reframe the sentences ? Why can’t I just write down all that passes through my head,shoulders,knees and toes ?

Well, some will read the entire thing while some will simply scan.Some may even comment.I always have this fear of not being able to write up to a standard I have set for myself.Sometimes,I even feel so very drained out after replying to a comment.Does that show my need for perfect pieces ? My head says “Naah..you are just being paranoid” and my heart says.. it is because I am too attached to the writing and I want to excel in it! But the more I try to hold myself, I feel like I might loose the interest to make wordy things in my world!

And then one day might come,when I will no longer be able to write anything! Ah..the perfect word that summons my thoughts : “Writer Block”

Those words,
Emotionally wrecking
Deepening wounds
Inflicting mind
Some are burned
Some are crude
It’s stuck,somewhere
And everywhere
In my heart ?
Or In my gut ?
And I try hard
To force them out
A bundle of words,
Falls right in here…



Love to hear your thoughts

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