Bye Bye June…

Its another end-of-month and it also marks half of the year,2016.Its six moths,puff….I have no idea where did all the time,the months have gone by ?

  • June is very special.Since I already mentioned this.June marks the day which I will never forget in my entire life.It has changed my entire life.This day has helped me value things more deeply,helped me become more grateful about my life and also it made me realize time is indeed a healer to some extent.It helps you put things into perspective that you might never have thought of.
  • June also marks the first day of my lil girl play school.She is all grownup and is quite happy to go to school,much like me.And I love to hear all about her naughtiness when she is there :).Love you ‘N’ !!
  • And with June,the most amazing monsoon rains has arrived.And the first day is always like in the book “Chasing the Monsoons” :).Speaking of which,I was able to quickly read through the 4-book-a-month-Goodreads challenge,but the reviews of the same are pending here at the blog.

Yeah I know a lot of things have been pending here at my nook,well I promise to bring a change to them 🙂

July,Bring it On…!!


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