Born Again ?

A dark cave,in the middle of nowhere
And I don’t remember how I came here ?
It’s filthy,dungeon and smells like pee
And I wonder how long before I see
The wonderful,horizon beyond the sea
Huddled in despair of unknown
I was crying, but my tears, bygone
It felt like flying among stars with no breath
It felt like a rainbow of thousand colors
It felt like tiny snowflakes in summer
It felt like a weird connection between life and death
I felt in me,the emotions,I never knew
And then,I dropped under my weight
A touch,a snob,a tear or two and the smell
A familiarity loomed somewhere in there
So did light from a thousand moon’s
As I glanced the moon,I saw a door
Hoping for an exit from this nightmare,I rose
But an urge to look back took me for a surprise
An entirety of my life flashed in seconds of time
As the cave lighted up my memories,
like the jellyfishes of a calm sea
I realized,I am more alive than ever before
Sure,I am ready for my next adventure
To make new life from being dead…

Sometimes,death is stranger than fiction 🙂



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