Do you really know?!

The white lilies
or silver cups of poison ?

Yellow dreamy sunflowers
or a little sun in every single flower ?

The lovely fairy tailed fishes
or our lives just before we are born ?

An old withered and a sprawling tree
or a lonely person simply waiting for a friend ?

Deep intriguing starry night sky
or a picture printed by our firing neurons ?

A tip of an iceberg
or the deck of an underground empire ?

A gushy cold wind on face
or the breath of an unreturned soul ?

A streak of sunlight admist the rain
or a hug of mother consoling her son ?

A hue of paint on an canvas
or the mind of wandering persona ?

An angry conversation with a loved one
or sadness due to inability of ones self ?

A pale blue dot.
or one among the pale dots in the entire universe ?

Are you living your life in a dream ?
or are you living your own dream ?

Tell me do you really know,
what you don’t know ?

Day 2 of barathon


Love to hear your thoughts

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