A promise to never to be anxious about my future and sad about my past.

A promise to realize that I too can win hearts and accolades

A promise to never to subdue my needs and wishes

A promise to never heed an ear to others who say,I can’t

A promise to finally listen to my spirit,that leads my way

A promise to my child to help her find her way and not walk on it

A promise to my loved one to never be a wall on their way to their dreams

A promise to myself to not ignore my strength,you see I am no longer that elephant tied with mere rope to the tree 🙂


Note : This prompt had really made me sit and think about the fake promises I keep telling myself and never fulfilling them.I always  end up dejected and never really have the strength to keep going.Today is a new day and I promise to keep it that way!


Day 7 of barathon


5 thoughts on “Promise

    • Mal Raj says:

      True !! All these promises are to be kept but for me, the most important one is the realization that I have a choice to keep the promises I make and it kind of defines me as well 🙂


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