A Dialogue ?

ME: Uhh..what do I write about ?
My Alter Ego : You can write about anything you love!
My Ego : Ah..what a parody ? Do you even like anything let alone love!!??

ME: Sshhh…Quiet..breathe breathe
AE : Okay,I think you must not heed to the voices of this gentleman!
E : Areey..when did I become a gentleman ? I am the fiery woman…

ME : Yea,I am “The Women” of the 21 st century!! Wasn’t there some ad about this 21-century women some time back ? My God,I am so old
AE: Yeah,you are old,but you are wise too…
E: What ??? Wise…wise would be someone who would not post this and sure you are damn old.Did you even know how to use your “smart phone” like your 2year old daughter ?

ME : Does silence counts when reality hits ?
AE : Cheer up,you are no alone in here..see there are many folks..well,your friends and colleagues…
E: Ha,are you sure ??

ME : Stop,don’t you be helping me in finishing up this write-up ?
AE: Oh..This is nice!! Sure go ahead to post
E: Well,nice..let’s see,how much of people actually is going to read this up ?

ME : It would be a lie to say that I don’t care,coz I actually do care about seeing those like,reading those comments and what not..!!
AE: So go ahead and post your mental chatter.
E: Yes,go ahead and post your mental chatter.
…And there my day has begun 🙂


Love to hear your thoughts

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