Ode to October

A quick and breezy October,

  1. It was my cousin brother’s engagement and we all had a blast.A family reunion,a quirky dress up,lots of photos ,great food.Reminded me of my engagement DAY
  2. “DIWALI” was here and this time we did not burst any crackers as my little girl was totally afraid of seeing and hearing them.I can only sympathize with the people who have been forced to listen to these loud and sparkling crackers.Next year,it would be a pledge from my side not to actually buy / burst them.”Happy Diwali ” to you all…
  3. Completely down with fever and sore throat.Its very difficult to even utter a few words. 😦

November is here,my favorite month of the year.It has certain fragrance, a cold numbness to it.It gives me the real thrill of being so close to open the door to 2017 :).



Love to hear your thoughts

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