My driving force..

when I feel all down and wrong about life, she makes faces in an attempt to make me laugh.

when I feel all happy and laughing, she makes me laugh even harder make me realize that I am not trying enough.

when I eat out of obligation at the office or as the courtesy to my friends without even being hungry, I remember how my girl refuses to eat until she is truly hungry.No wonder that she does not put on weight 🙂

when I feel sleepy and drowsy such that even the mere thinking of bed makes me sleep, she says “mama, one more round of drama and storytelling and singing please and there I realize, I can push so much further.

when I slowly tiptoe away from her bed so as to not wake her and takes out my mental to-do list, just when I am about to close the door I find her sitting up and all laughing,there I mentally erase all of my to do 😛

when I feel proud of myself in achieving a target at office,she makes me prouder when she tries to recite her rhymes and my targets look minuscule when compared to hers.

when I feel life has given me so many challenges, she sprang into my arms reminding me the times how she came back from the end of life

when I don’t find enough time to spend with her and feel all guilty,she waits for us at the doorstep and promptly run towards her father 😛

My little “N” has slowly and truly become the driving force of my life 🙂

Living my Imperfect Life

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